Housing Plan

The Wohnprojekt Möhra is open to people of any and every age, who seek to participate in a land cooperative with like-minded inhabitants from all walks of life.   Families with children and young professionals can find their place here as well as practitioners who are pursuing a life of meditation. Young people can experience living in a genuine community and older people find a surrounding which enables dignified living into old age. Elderfolk can contribute their wisdom and experience to the community as well as get the aid and assistance they need.

The concept of the housing domain is to give creative space for individuals to assess their needs and actualize their ideal home and lifestyle. The development plan allows for a variety of possibilities: Free-standing single-unit houses or duplexes and collective living models with apartments of different sizes.

There are various ways to enter into the housing venture at Möhra:

  1. Building and living in one’s own house.
  2. Building a house now and renting (hiring) it out until you are ready to move in.
  3. Rent-to-own: one’s rent goes toward the purchase price of the house.

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